Important information

The EDF board has decided to cancel the annual meeting in 2021 in Lucerne.

The board has carefully monitored the development of the Corona-pandemic and feels that organizing the meeting in Switzerland in these uncertain times is too much of a risk for all participants. Especially the recent rise in numbers of cases affected by Corona all over Europe, combined with the upcoming Winter season (and many more related infections) convinced us not to insist on having a meeting in January.

In this context, the EDF Scientific Committee AEE 2021 also decided to organize the Advanced Euroderm Excellence Course in virtual format. The date (Thursday 21 January 2021) and program of the course remain unchanged.

Additional Information regarding the new format of the course will be communicated in due course.


EDF Advanced Euroderm Excellence Program

Lucerne / Switzerland, 20 January 2021

The Board of Directors of the EDF has recently decided to launch a novel program to better prepare young clinicians and clinician scientists for their upcoming professional life. The Board has decided to select 20-25 dermatologists that have previously participated in the EDF Euroderm Excellence Program to join a 1 day teaching course prior to the EDF meeting in January. The Board will select participants based on their scientific and clinical achievements since they participated in the Euroderm excellence program. The goal is to select the best young dermatologists in Europe and offer them specific training and mentoring to better prepare them as future leaders of our dermatological societies. Therefore renowned speakers from all over Europe will be invited to offer selected participants in depth training about how to successfully run a dermatological department in the future. Participation will be on invitation only and requires previous participation the basic EDF Euroderm Excellence course. 

EDF Advanced Euroderm Excellence Program Scientific Committee

Prof. Carlo Pincelli, EDF President
Prof. Alexander Enk, EDF Secretary-General 
Prof. Michael Schön, EDF Board of Directors 

Selection process (April – June 2020) 
Potential participants will be contacted personally by the Scientific Committee.

Final selection (End of June 2020) 
Selected candidates by the Scientific Committee will be informed about their selection and participation modality.

EDF Office, Zurich, Patrick Schaffter, Administrator 

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