EDF Annual Meeting 2019
The next EDF Annual Meeting will take place from January 24th to 26th 2019 at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, in Montreux, Switzerland. Hotel details are as follows: Avenue des Alpes 45, CH-1820 Montreux. (www.hotel-majestic-montreux.com)
The program starts at 17.00 on Thursday January 24th with the first two keynote lectures delivered by Prof Muzlifah Haniffa from Newcastle, UK who will talk on the reproduction of the skin immune system with single cell approaches, and by Prof Akiharu Kubo from Tokyo, Japan, who will lecture on epidermal homeostasis from a new perspective. The other keynote lectures will be given on Saturday morning January 26th by Dr. Valeska Padovese from Malta and Dr. Aldo Morrone from Rome who will discuss about migrant dermatology. Given the success of the recently introduced interactive forums, this year, two topics will be covered:

1. Innate immunity: the next big thing in Dermatology chaired by Profs Alexander Enk and Thomas Schwartz and moderated by Prof A. Enk.

2. Building global health advocacy and effective intervention for neglected tropical diseases that affect the skin chaired and moderated by Prof. Veronique del Marmol and Prof. Peter Arenberger.

On Friday January 25th, two exiting lectures will be given by Prof. Angela Christiano from New York and by Prof. Ernst Reichmann from Zurich on new treatments for Alopecia Areata and 3D skin equivalents, respectively. As every year, a special session will be devoted to the interaction with our friends in Pharma, to which EDF is mostly grateful, and to sister societies. The meeting will close at 11.30 on Saturday, January 26th, 2019.

We look forward to your participation and invite you to register and make your hotel and travel reservation very soon through the new webpage for the Annual Meeting (www.edf-meeting.com). Please note that it is possible to make online payments.

The official EDF website (www.euroderm.org) has also been renovated and we hope you will find it clear, informative and user-friendly. From January 2019, a protected and interactive area will be available for members. Any suggestion to further improve it is very welcome.
Finally, you can follow us on Twitter (@EDFDermatology).