Secure-AD registry

Dear European Dermatology Forum,

We would be incredibly grateful if you could use your networks to raise awareness by emailing your members an update on the progress of the SECURE-AD registry: Please find our draft email for this below.

To date we have collected data on 190 cases of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in atopic dermatitis. We will include everyone who enters a case as a co-author under the SECURE-AD Study Group in resulting publications.

It would also be great if your organization could share this initiative via social media, tagging us @ad_secure (Twitter) and @secure.derm (Instagram). For your convenience, please find our logo’s attached.

Only with the collaboration of the international AD community, we will be able to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on our patients.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Best wishes,

Profs Alan Irvine, Phyllis Spuls & Carsten Flohr

On behalf of the SECURE-AD Team