In order to maintain and promote high quality education and training, the EDF has been working to integrate undergraduate teaching activities with an electronic platform; Cyberderm-DOIT (Dermatology Online with Interactive Technology, ( developed by Prof Gunter Burg and now run by Prof Peter Itin. The educational chapters have been updated, with more than 1000 images, and are now available in German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. A Web Book (WEBBOOK), as a supplement to the interactive e-learning platform DOIT, is also available to support the multi-step learning process. You can purchase the WEBBOOK online at for less than 20 euros – please consider introducing your medical students to both the online and printed version. In this context, we are delighted to announce that the grant application to European Commission “Harmonized European Dermato-Venereology Undergraduate Blended Learning Implementation and Training (HEDU_LEARN_IT)” in the topic Strategic Partnerships in the Erasmus Plus Program 2017-2019 was successful and is worth 350.000 euro. The project is managed by Prof H. Gollnick in collaboration with the members of the EDF subcommission. The main objective of the project is to harmonize undergraduate Dermato-Venereology training in eight European partner-universities, by combining classical teaching strategies with interactive e-learning tools and to disseminate this method throughout Europe with the final aim of having a new Catalogue of Learning Objectives for undergraduate students.