EDF Annual Meeting

The next EDF Annual meeting is planned to take place from Jan. 21-23 2021 in the Radisson Blue Hotel in Lucerne. The program starts with our traditional plenary guest lectures. This year Prof. C. Blanpain, a world-famous scientist on tumorigenesis, will speak about “Stem cells and non-melanoma skin cancer”. This will be followed by a lecture on “The illusion of skin color” by Prof. N. Jablonski from Penn. State Univ. in the US.  More plenary lectures will follow Friday afternoon by Prof. A. Torrelo speaking about the “Clinical challenges in genodermatoses” and Prof. J. Bauer on “Gene editing and therapy of genodermatoses”. Two well-established highlights will be our interactive forums. The first one on COVID-19 will be moderated by A. Costanzo with Prof. S. Mantovani and Casas speaking about the immunology and clinical pictures of COVID-19 and Prof. A. Crisanti, prominent virologist. The second forum moderated by Prof. Th. Krieg will be on aging. Prof. B. Schumacher will speak about basic mechanisms of aging, while Prof. C. Griffith and Prof. H. Kroemer will speak about skin aging or impact of aging on healthcare, respectively. The program will be complemented by industry symposia and commissions groups.

I think we can all look forward to fruitful discussions and stimulating topics. To register and make hotel reservations please look at the EDF homepage.

The following new members were accepted in January 2020 during the EDF Annual Meeting:

G. Argenziano, Italy 

C. Conrad, Switzerland 

Cl. Fuller, UK 

M. Haniffa, UK 

J. Ingram, UK

Th. Kündig, Switzerland

L. K. Sekulovic, Serbia 

R. Warren, UK