| EDF Newsletter November 2018

Dear EDF member,

Thank you for being part of the European Dermatology Forum. The EDF, by involving you as key opinion leaders and Professors from all over Europe, aims to strengthen the position of Dermato-Venereology and to improve healthcare needs of patients across the continent. To achieve these goals, and with your support, we will keep interacting with industry, academia, government, patients’ organizations and society. We will be promoting our specialty through the following activities:

| EDF Guidelines

The EDF is proud to announce the launch of the European Centre for Guidelines Development in collaboration with Prof. Alexander Nast from the Division of Evidence-Based Medicine, Department of Dermatology, Charité University, Berlin. The Centre will also be advised and supported by renowned experts in the field. The project aims to foster high-quality guidelines through harmonized methodologies that ensure alignment with current gold standards, under a systemized structure and with a continuous update process. The governance will include a Board of Directors, with EDF having a majority status. The project is already sponsored by Pharma companies and by an initial fund provided by EDF. Additional support is expected to be provided by national and international societies. A Guideline App for psoriasis is already available, while one for acne will be ready in time for the 2019 EDF Annual Meeting in Montreux.

| Cyberderm

In order to maintain and promote high quality education and training, the EDF has been working to integrate undergraduate teaching activities with an electronic platform; Cyberderm-DOIT (Dermatology Online with Interactive Technology, www.cyberderm.net) developed by Prof. Gunter Burg and now run by Prof. Peter Itin. The educational chapters have been updated, with more than 1000 images, and are now available in German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. A Web Book (WEBBOOK), as a supplement to the interactive e-learning platform DOIT, is also available to support the multi-step learning process. You can purchase the WEBBOOK online at Amazon.com for less than 20 euros – please consider introducing your medical students to both the online and printed version. In this context, we are delighted to announce that the grant application to European Commission “Harmonized European Dermato-Venereology Undergraduate Blended Learning Implementation and Training (HEDU_LEARN_IT)” in the topic Strategic Partnerships in the Erasmus Plus Program 2017-2019 was successful and is worth 350.000 euro. The project is managed by Prof H. Gollnick in collaboration with the members of the EDF subcommission. The main objective of the project is to harmonize undergraduate Dermato-Venereology training in eight European partner-universities, by combining classical teaching strategies with interactive e-learning tools and to disseminate this method throughout Europe with the final aim of having a new Catalogue of Learning Objectives for undergraduate students.

| Euroderm Excellence

The 15th edition of the Euroderm Excellence course for residents in Dermato-Venereology will be supported by Lilly, as new exclusive pharma partner for this event. The Course will be held in Nice at the Radisson Blu Hotel (November 20th-23rd, 2018) under the presidency of Prof. Veli-Matti Kahari. The EDF is honoured to organize and offer this unique event to the best residents in Dermatology and Venereology throughout Europe. The theme for Euroderm Excellence 2018 is: ”Getting ready for future dermatology”. This year, we had more than 220 candidates apply via the new Euroderm Excellence website (www.eurodermexcellence.com) and the new registration process. Finally, we would like to thankfully acknowledge the work of the Country Coordinators who were responsible for the selection of the 100 residents who will participate.

| White Book

In 2017, the Fifth Edition of the White Book was published under the direction of Prof. Harald Gollnick (chief ed.) with the collaboration of Profs J. Barker, M. Bagot and L. Naldi. The EDF White Book contains critical information about the whole spectrum of Dermato-Venereology that is instrumental to informing healthcare providers, politicians and stakeholders about the scope of our profession. The current edition has particularly emphasized economics, morbidity and burden of
disease, as well as new developments in diagnostics and therapies. You can still buy it (order form on EDF website), and distribute copies to Hospital Centers, Healthcare institutions and possibly politicians. The 6th edition will be ready and distributed at the EDF Meeting 2020.

| EDF Annual Meeting

The next EDF Annual Meeting will take place from January 24th to 26th 2019 at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, in Montreux, Switzerland. Hotel details are as follows: Avenue des Alpes 45, CH-1820 Montreux. (www.hotel-majestic-montreux.com)The program starts at 17.00 on Thursday January 24th with the first two keynote lectures delivered by Prof Muzlifah Haniffa from Newcastle, UK who will talk on the reproduction of the skin immune system with single cell approaches, and by Prof Akiharu Kubo from Tokyo, Japan, who will lecture on epidermal homeostasis from a new perspective. The other keynote lectures will be given on Saturday morning January 26th by Dr. Valeska Padovese from Malta and Dr. Aldo Morrone from Rome who will discuss about migrant dermatology.
Given the success of the recently introduced interactive forums, this year, two topics will be covered:
1. Innate immunity: the next big thing in Dermatology chaired by Profs Alexander Enk and Thomas Schwartz and moderated by Prof A. Enk.
2. Building global health advocacy and effective intervention for neglected tropical diseases that affect the skin chaired and moderated by Prof. Veronique del Marmol and Prof. Peter Arenberger.
On Friday January 25th, two exiting lectures will be given by Prof. Angela Christiano from New York and by Prof. Ernst Reichmann from Zurich on new treatments for Alopecia Areata and 3D skin equivalents, respectively. As every year, a special session will be devoted to the interaction with our friends in Pharma, to which EDF is mostly grateful, and to sister societies. The meeting will close at 11.30 on Saturday, January 26th, 2019.
We look forward to your participation and invite you to register and make your hotel and travel reservation very soon through the new webpage for the Annual Meeting (www.edf-meeting.com). Please note that it is possible to make online payments.

The official EDF website (www.euroderm.org) has also been renovated and we hope you will find it clear, informative and user-friendly. From January 2019, a protected and interactive area will be available for members. Any suggestion to further improve it is very welcome.

Finally, you can follow us on Twitter (@EDFDermatology).

One of the most important objective of EDF will be, as from its foundation, a special interaction with industry to exchange information and to collaborate with the scope of improving the drug armamentarium in Dermato-Venereology to the benefit of patients. In this respect, we would like to especially thank our Corporate supporting members.

Since its foundation, the EDF has been always very successful in promoting and improving our specialty in Europe. Yet, this would not be possible without the contribution of members. This is why we invite you to actively participate in the EDF with suggestions and comments.
We look forward to seeing you in Montreux in January 2019.

Warm regards,
Prof. Carlo Pincelli
Secretary-General EDF

November 2018