European Dermatology Forum

The practice of dermatology has, over the past 30 years, been distinguished by its transition from provision of essentially empirical treatments to a practice in which rational therapies, based on enhanced knowledge of the pathogenesis of disease, are administered. Coincidentally, the boundaries between organ specific specialities such as our own have become blurred. Thus there is now great overlap with numerous other medical disciplines.

Our aim

Recognising the need to address these issues, seven academic dermatologists, all heads of university departments, formed the European Dermatology Forum (EDF) in 1997 as a non-profit professional organisation dedicated to improving the healthcare needs of dermatology patients in Europe. At its inception the EDF published a document setting out its mission and this continues to remain at the core of its activities.

Mission Statement

To implement actions aimed at preventing skin disease and improving the quality of healthcare for dermatologic & venereologic patients in Europe, notably by strengthening the position and reducing the health economic impact of dermato-venereology and its several subspecialties such as allergology and dermato-oncology to the benefit of our patients and our profession.


Cyberderm is an interactive, systematic and case-oriented multilingual online e-learning platform...

The European Dermatology Forum (EDF)

A non-profit professional organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare for Dermatology patients in Europe...

White Book

The European Dermatology Forum (EDF) launches the 5th edition of its White Book: "The Challenge of Skin Diseases in Europe" (Edition 2017).

EDF Guidelines

Under the guidance of the EDF Guideline Committee the EDF has,
to date, published more than 35 guidelines on the management of skin disease.

Annual Meetings

The EDF organizes a 2-day Annual General Meeting in January with a rich scientific program including plenary lectures, thematic symposia, industry symposia, EDF working group meetings and reports, as well as reports from its European Sister Societies.

Euroderm Excellence

For 12 years the EDF and Galderma have been organizing a highly appreciated training program for European Residents in dermatology & venereology (from 2018 Lilly is our new partner). The intensive course is delivered to a selected ›100 final-year Dermatology residents, by several Professors of Dermatology and specialists in their field from all across Europe. The aim is to contribute to a high-level of pan-European education in dermatology & venereology and its subspecialties and to help to harmonize the level of knowledge according to the European training charter for medical specialities.

  1. 1997


    The EDF was founded in 1997 by a group of leading European Professors of Dermatology. The EDF is currently restricted to 200 active members consisting of heads of academic departments and key opinion leaders in dermato-venereology across Europe.

  2. 2015

    New President

    Prof. Lars French Past President 2015–2017 Zurich, Switzerland

  3. 2017

    New President

    Prof. John McGrath President 2017–2019 London, United Kingdom

  4. 2017


    The EDF supports the internet platform Cyberderm DOIT. This is a peerreviewed interactive, systematic and case-oriented, multilingual online dermatology e-learning platform for undergraduate students in Medicine ( which is also complemented by a webbook (launched in 2017).

  5. 2018

    21st EDF Meeting

    Annual meeting takes place each January in Switzerland and is designed to address several of the significant issues impacting on dermatolovenereology, ranging from clinical to political matters.