EDF Annual Meeting

The next EDF Annual Meeting will take place from January 23rd to 25th 2020 at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, in Montreux, Switzerland. Hotel details are as follows: Avenue des Alpes 45, CH-1820 Montreux. (www.hotel-majestic-montreux.com) The program starts at 17.00 on Thursday January 23rd with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
The first keynote lecture will be delivered by Prof Jacques Biot who will talk on AI in healthcare in more general terms. This will be followed by the second plenary lecture given by Dr Justin Ko on AI in Dermatology. More plenary lectures are going to follow on Friday by Dr H. Beltraminelli on Dermatopathology in sub-Saharan Africa. And (to be confirmed). The last plenary lecture on Skin and Nutrition is going to be delivered by Dr A. Pappas on Saturday morning.
Given the success of the recently introduced interactive forums, this year, two topics will be covered:

1. Melanoma chaired by Profs JJ Grob and V. del Marmol and moderated by JJ Grob.

2. Precision medicine chaired by A. Costanzo and N. Reynolds and moderated by N. Reynolds. As every year, a special session will be devoted to the interaction with our friends in Pharma, to which EDF is mostly grateful, and to sister societies. The meeting will close at 10.30 on Saturday, January 25th, 2019 with the final pleary lecture.

Look forward to your participation and invite you to register and make your hotel and travel reservation very soon through the webpage for the Annual Meeting (www.edf-meeting.com).

The following new members were accepted in January 2019 during the EDF Annual Meeting:

K. Eyerich, Germany
M. C. Fargnoli, Italy
C. Flohr, UK
K. Ghoreschi, Germany
J. Hafner, Switzerland
W. Hoetzenecker, Austria
M. Martins Gonçalo, Portugal
J. Mellerio, UK
A. Navarini, Switzerland
S. Puig Sardà, Spain
D. Rigopoulos, Greece
M. Romanelli, Italy
A. Schmidtchen, Sweden
K.Steinbrink, Germany
Z. Szalai, Hungary
Cl. Traidl-Hoffmann, Germany
Th. Tüting, Germany
W. Weninger, Austria