Application for EDF Membership

EDF Membership application is open to individuals who are established leaders in dermato-venerology within Europe. The EDF comprises around 200 active members across 30 European countries, all of whom are leaders in the field and include for example heads of department, high-profile research group leaders and leaders of education programs.  


According to our bylaws, prospective members should follow the following formal process:


1| Be proposed and seconded by members of the EDF


2| The proposer and seconder should be from different European countries


2| Either the proposer or the seconder may be from the same country as the suggested candidate


3| The proposer and the seconder need to provide a short supporting statement (e-mail or letter) that includes: 


  • the nominee's standing in and contribution to dermatology both nationally and internationally; 
  • his/her expertise and added value to the EDF


4| Prospective member needs to submit the following documents:


  • CV (2 pages including: positions held, prizes, notable invited lectures, grants, positions in national/international societies, positions as honorary member, total number of PubMed articles, top 10 papers in last 10 years, H index (Google scholar))
  • Leadership skills (max. 100 words)
  • Research activities (max. 100 words)
  • Educational background (max. 100 words)
  • Cover letter specifying what the prospective member hopes to gain by joining the EDF and which of the EDF activities he/she would like to contribute to (max. 1 page)

Contact and submission


The aforementioned information should be sent by email to the Chairman of the EDF Membership Committee, Professor Véronique del Marmol, e-mail: (cc: EDF Office, Zurich;


Membership applications are competitive and are assessed twice per year by members of the EDF Board of Directors. Supported applications are formally proposed at the EDF annual meeting.