Application for EDF Membership

EDF Membership application is open to individuals who are established leaders in dermato-venerology within Europe. The EDF comprises around 200 active members across 30 European countries, all of whom are leaders in the field and include for example heads of department, high-profile research group leaders and leaders of education programs.  


According to our bylaws, prospective members should follow the following formal process:


1| Be proposed by two members of the EDF


2| The EDF members who propose should be from different European countries


2| Either the proposer or the seconder may be from the same country as the suggested candidate


3| The proposer and the seconder need to provide a short supporting statement (e-mail or letter) that includes: 


  • the nominee's standing in and contribution to dermatology both nationally and internationally; 
  • his/her expertise and added value to the EDF


4| Prospective member needs to submit the following documents:


  • CV (2 pages including: positions held, prizes, notable invited lectures, grants, positions in national/international societies, positions as honorary member, total number of PubMed articles, top 10 papers in last 10 years, H index (Google scholar))
  • Leadership skills (max. 100 words)
  • Research activities (max. 100 words)
  • Educational background (max. 100 words)
  • Cover letter specifying what the prospective member hopes to gain by joining the EDF and which of the EDF activities he/she would like to contribute to (max. 1 page)


To apply, please click on the "Apply for a membership" button.


Application for EDF Membership


If you would like to apply, please click the button below.

Only applicants who have the support of two EDF members are eligible to apply for an EDF Membership.


Membership applications are competitive and assessed once per year by the EDF Board of Directors. Supported applications are formally proposed and approved at the EDF Annual Meetings.