This year is the 15th edition of the Euroderm Excellence Training Program: a unique course offered to the best and brightest residents in Dermatology and Dermato-Venereology throughout Europe. Since 2004, meetings have been held in Italy, but from 2014 we switched to Nice, in the South of France.

The theme of Euroderm Excellence 2018 is “Getting ready for future dermatology”.

This course is organized by the European Dermatology Forum, a non-profit professional organization dedicated to improving the healthcare needs of dermatology patients in Europe. Over the course of 3 days leading experts in dermatology from all over Europe will deliver the best of their knowledge to provide the attendants with the state-of-the-art dynamic teaching in European dermato-venereology through a series of lectures and workshops. The objective of this experienced international Faculty is to provide an “in-depth” and “hands-on” course covering the most important aspects of dermatological practice and science. Moreover, selected residents will have the chance to meet face-to-face with a panel of the leading specialists and opinion leaders in Dermatology and Venereology. The ultimate objective is to provide food for thought, and help foster your career in future dermatology.

Participating in Euroderm Excellence is a privilege! We aim to provide you with an outstanding teaching program, covering up-to-date and practical knowledge in the different fields of Dermato venereology.

These 3 days are also a unique opportunity to allow residents to meet and spend few days together with their peers from all over Europe, sharing time and experience. The quality of the standard and this exchange are a goal for Euroderm Excellence, and we hope that this will be a new stimulation for future collaboration and friendship among participants.

It is a pleasure to invite you to apply for a place on the Euroderm Excellence 2018 program, to be held on 20th – 23rd November 2018 in Nice, France.