| EDF Newsletter September 2021

Dear EDF member,


Although the Coronavirus pandemic has also affected some of the activities of the EDF in 2021, the EDF Newsletter will try to keep you updated as a reliable form of information even in difficult times.


The new format of the Newsletter generated good feedback and we will keep its current format. It is meant to inform you about the upcoming activities of the EDF.


The EDF, by involving you as key opinion leaders and Professors from all over Europe, aims to strengthen the position of Dermato-Venereology and to improve healthcare needs of patients across the continent. To achieve these goals, and with your support, we will keep interacting with industry, academia, government, patients’ organizations and society. We will be promoting our specialty through the following activities:


| EDF Annual Meeting


The 25th EDF Annual Meeting is planned to take place from January 20-22, 2022 in the Hotel Suisse Majestic in Montreux. The program starts with our traditional plenary guest lectures. This year Prof. Cédric Blanpain, a world-leading scientist in the field of tumorigenesis...


| EDF Advanced Euroderm Excellence Program


After the successful launch of the new “EDF Advanced Euroderm Excellence” course this January, the EDF Board has decided to conduct the course again during the next EDF Annual Meeting in January 2022. Twenty carefully selected participants from the original “EDF Euroderm Excellence” course, who are expected to be the future opinion leaders in our specialty, have been invited to participate in this course.


| White Book

This 6th edition 2020 of the EDF White Book has been updated and new chapters on important topics in dermato-venereology are included such as specific infections, body dysmorphic syndrome and psychologic impact of skin diseases or nutritional deficiencies and skin disorders. The White Book describes in general the burden of skin and sexually transmitted infections within Europe and shows how provision of care and costs vary across the continent.


| EDF Guidelines

The EDF is proud to promote the activities of the European Centre for Guidelines Development (EuroGuiDerm of the EDF) in collaboration with Prof Alexander Nast from the Division of Evidence-Based Medicine, Department of Dermatology, Charité University, Berlin. The Centre will also be advised and supported by renowned experts in the field. The project aims to foster high-quality guidelines through harmonized methodologies that ensure alignment with current gold standards, under a systemized structure and with a continuous update process. The governance includes a Board of Directors, with EDF having a majority status. 


| Cyberderm-DOIT

In order to maintain and promote high quality education and training, the EDF has been working to integrate undergraduate teaching activities with an electronic platform; Cyberderm-DOIT (Dermatology Online with Interactive Technology, www.cyberderm.net) developed by Prof. Günter Burg and now run by Prof. Alexander Navarini. The educational chapters have been updated, with more than 1000 images, and are now available in German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, with Lithuanian version currently being reviewed. There will also be an updated 5th version of the website launched soon. A Web Book (WEBBOOK), as a supplement to the interactive e-learning platform DOIT, is also available to support the multistep learning process. 


| In memoriam of


With great sadness, the EDF shares the news of the passing of three exceptional dermatologists.


Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic has immensely affected all our lives and work across Dermatology. Face-to face conferences, meetings and associated travelling, as well as socializing amongst colleagues, became essentially obsolete. We hope that by January the situation will have become “more normal” again and that we can have a rewarding on site meeting to restore European collegiality. However, the EDF Board is well aware of the potential on-going risks associated the pandemic and will take into account on-going advice from European and individual country health organizations. Be assured that if there is any doubt about safety, the EDF Board will put arrangements in place to facilitate a blended format or cancel the meeting if necessary.


EDF Annual Meeting 2022

Montreux / Switzerland 

20 - 22 January 2022


Stay healthy!


Warm regards,
Nick Reynolds
Secretary General & Vice-President


September 2021

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